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Agriculture     |     13-11-2016
You can source your catfish fingerlings and juveniles through Divine Fish Farm
By Divine, Fish Farm | MD
Juvenile catfish feeding in a pond
Juvenile catfish feeding in a pond

Do you grow catfish in Lagos, Ogun or any other state in Nigeria? Do you need a reliable source for your catfish fingerlings and juveniles? We can help you.

Fingerlings are catfish that are 2 – 4 weeks old while juveniles are 5 – 8 weeks old. 

The commonly grown catfish species in Nigeria are: Clarias gariepinus, Heterobranchus bidorsalis, and hybrid of Clarias and Heterobranchus (Heteroclarias).

Clarias gariepinus

Clarias species grow quickly and is good specie to stock if you want to sell of your fish within 4 months as melange. If you take good care of them they should weigh 0.6 – 0.7 kilogrammes (kg) average within 4 months. Clarias can tolerate being stocked relatively crowded in concrete ponds. You have to sort every 3 – 4 weeks though and keep fish of similar size in the same pond.  Clarias can grow to 2 kg in 8 months if you take good care of them. If you are going to stock catfish this long then you should have the facilities to space the fish out as they grow. You must also have the market that is willing to pay premium price for catfish that weigh 1 – 2 kg.

Hetero branchus bidorsalis

Hetero branchus bidorsalis can grow up to 10 kilogrammes. They like to be spaced out and do better in earthen ponds. Hetero branchus is the recommended species if you have customers that demand big fish and are willing to pay the right price for it.

Hybrid of Clarias and Heterobranchus (Heterclarias)

Heteroclarias combines the good features of the two catfish species named above namely: fast growth and big size.  When you get it right with the sourcing, feeding and growing conditions this species can grow to over 1.2 kg in 6 months. This size of fish commands premium price in the market. There must be reliable demand if you must stock heteroclarias.

One of the big problems of catfish farming in Nigeria is availability of reliable catfish fingerlings and juveniles when the farmer wants to stock. This lack of availability sometimes forces the farmer to stock the first species available to him or her when he or she is ready to stock his or her farm.

The fingerlings and juveniles we source for you are hatched in Ogun State, Nigeria and we can deliver to you in Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, Rivers, Delta and most other states in Nigeria based on agreement.

It is important that you give us early notice of 3 weeks when you want us to supply you with catfish fingerlings and juveniles in Nigeria.

Thank you.  


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You can source your catfish fingerlings and juveniles through Divine Fish Farm
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