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Processed (Smoked and Dried) Catfish

Processing of catfish begins with washing, removal of intestines, salting and spicing of the fish. We then smoke and dry the catfish over five days in a slow and methodical process.

The result is fish that come out adequately dry and tasty. Our processed catfish can store for six weeks without spoiling because they have been well salted and dried.

Dried fish is used in cooking African soups and stews. Dried catfish adds a unique flavour to cooking that makes eating an enjoyable experience.

Customers who use our dried catfish to cook come back again and again to buy more from us.

We deliver processed catfish anywhere in Lagos for orders from ten kilograms (10 kg) at N6,000 per kilogram. Orders outside Lagos, Nigeria attract shipping fees.

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We process and sell smoked and dried catfish.

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