Catfish Juveniles delivery to an earthen pond in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria

In the first week of September, 2018 we delivered catfish juveniles to an earthen pond farm in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

First we inspected the state of the ponds to receive the fish, then counted the fish, and noted the count before introducing them into the ponds.

The first meal of the juveniles in their new pond will be given to them in the morning of the following day, about 12 hours after their introduction in their new home. They would need all the rest during the night to recover from the stress of transporting them from our farm to our client farm.

Before we left the site we observed that the fish were swimming actively in the ponds. The client was satisfied, we were satisfied, and before we left we advised the client to monitor the fish and keep us informed with their observations.

Below are pictures from the delivery.


Divine Fish Farm, 08077776861


Catfish juveniles taking a bath at DivineFish farm

Catfish juveniles taking a bath at our farm,

Actually, fresh water is being topped into the fish pond.


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