Catfish fingerlings and juveniles prices from Divine Fish Farm hatching facility

One decision that is essential to growing catfish successfully in a farm is sourcing healthy and good breed of catfish fingerlings or juveniles.

One decision that is essential to growing catfish successfully in a farm is sourcing healthy and good breed of catfish fingerlings or juveniles. Counting from the first day of feeding catfish fries, fingerlings are 4 weeks old catfish while juveniles are 8 weeks old catfish.

Good catfish fries are hatched and nursed in a controlled environment within the right temperature, good water pH and essential nutrients.

After a successful hatching process the catfish fries look like tiny grains of sand. They can number from 10,000 – 100,000 (ten thousand to one hundred thousand). They get their initial nutrients from minerals in the water. After 2 – 3 days the catfish fries can be fed for the first time with specially formulated feed. The catfish fries need extreme care and attention because even the slightest mistake can be catastrophic and can lead to the whole set of fries being wiped out.    

At 2 weeks old the fries grow to a size we call Ijebu fingerlings (in Southwest Nigeria). At 4 weeks old, outgrower farms can buy and stock the fingerlings but they still require experienced handling to prevent mortality. Farmers who want to avoid the risks of stocking fingerlings choose to stock catfish juveniles (8 weeks old catfish) instead and grow them out.

When you buy your catfish fingerlings or juveniles through Divine Fish Farm you can be sure that you are getting a good breed of catfish for your catfish farm or ponds. When you order your catfish you can choose to come pick them up or pay to have them delivered to your location.

The prices of catfish fingerlings and juveniles are as follows:

SNQuantityFingerlings (4 weeks)Juveniles (8 weeks)
10 – 5,000 piecesN25.00 per fishN35.00 per fish
25,001 – 10,000 piecesN20.00 per fishN30.00 per fish
310,000 and aboveN15.00 per fishN25.00 per fish

Procedure to order your catfish fingerlings and juveniles

  1. The first step is to call 08077776861 to confirm the availability of fingerlings.
  2. If you want fingerlings (4 weeks old catfish) and they are available they can be packaged and shipped to you within three (3) working days after payment has been made for them.
  3. If you want juveniles (8 weeks old catfish) then you will first call to confirm for the availability of fingerlings. If fingerlings are available then you will book for them. This means you pay for them. On our part we will feed them and take good care of them till they grow to juvenile stage after 3 – 4 weeks.

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We delivered eight thousand juvenile catfish to brand new farmers in Lagos and Enugu

It is interesting times of sorts as more young Nigerians in urban centres are venturing into catfish farming. At the beginning of October 2018 we delivered three thousand (3000) juveniles to a brand new catfish farmer in Lagos and in the fourth week of October 2008 we delivered five thousand (5000) juveniles to another farmer in Enugu State.

We were impressed by the boldness of these two farmers considering that there is the somewhat conventional recommendation that first time catfish farmers start with growing 1000 juveniles.

We observed that the two farmers did their research before deciding on the relatively significant juveniles stock for starts. If they follow up the due diligence they have shown so far with commitment to good catfish farming practice and if they also take good decisions along the way they will get it right first time.

In the final week of October 2018 we assisted the farmer in Lagos to sort and count their fish. At the same time, we have been receiving updates from the farmer in Enugu and they are making good progress.


Note: You can source your catfish juveniles through us. Click here to find out how.

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Click here to find out how you can source your catfish fingerlings and juveniles through Divine Fish Farm.

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Catfish Juveniles delivery to an earthen pond in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria

In the first week of September, 2018 we delivered catfish juveniles to an earthen pond farm in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

First we inspected the state of the ponds to receive the fish, then counted the fish, and noted the count before introducing them into the ponds.

The first meal of the juveniles in their new pond will be given to them in the morning of the following day, about 12 hours after their introduction in their new home. They would need all the rest during the night to recover from the stress of transporting them from our farm to our client farm.

Before we left the site we observed that the fish were swimming actively in the ponds. The client was satisfied, we were satisfied, and before we left we advised the client to monitor the fish and keep us informed with their observations.

Below are pictures from the delivery.


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