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How to process (smoke and dry) catfish using firewood and charcoal fuelled oven

Processing catfish using firewood and charcoal fuelled oven gives the fish a unique taste that is reminicent of traditional home cooking. The process is meticulous and it results in smoked and dried catfish that attracts premium price from discerning consumers.

What you need:

  1. 50 kilogrammes (kg) of live catfish

  2. 500 grammes (g) of table salt

  3. Two fish feed sacks (polythene type)

  4. Two large plastic basins/bowls

  5. A brick oven (powered by firewood and charcoal)

  6. Six bundles of firewood

  7. One big sack of charcoal

  8. Water

  9. Knife or razor blades

  10. Soap


Day 1  

  1. Killing;

  2. Washing;

  3. Degutting;

  4. Firing the oven;

  5. Smoking;


Day 2 – Drying

Day 3 – Drying

Day 4 – Drying


You can enroll for a practical hands on training course with us at our farm. Alternatively, you can purchase an e-copy of our detailed instruction manual with photos to guide you on catfish processing. Contact us if you are interested in learning how to add value to fresh catfish by processing it.

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