Soursop – a sweet fruit that grows well in the tropical conditions of southern Nigeria

Soursop is a nutritious and delicious fruit with flavour like a combination of mango and pineapple.

Soursop is the fruit of Annona muricata, a broadleaf, flowering, evergreen tree. The tree does well in tropical regions with high humidity like the southern parts of Nigeria, West Africa. Anona muricata tolerates poor soil and this makes it easy for anyone in southern Nigeria to grow the soursop tree in their backyard.

The soursop fruit is large and oval-shaped. The green exterior, which has spines on it, covers a white, fibrous flesh. Soursop is a nutritious and delicious fruit with flavour like a combination of mango and pineapple.


Raw soursop is 81% water, 17% carbohydrates, 1% protein, and has negligible fat. In a 100 gramme reference amount, the raw fruit supplies 66 kilocalories, and contains only vitamin C as a significant amount (25%) of the Daily Value, with no other micronutrients in appreciable amounts. One whole soursop fruit contains 215% (2 times) of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

Health Benefits

Vitamin C, which soursop contains in high amounts, is an antioxidant known to boost immune health. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system, improving its ability to defend against pathogens. It also promotes the destruction of free radicals, which can help to protect your skin and cells from environmental oxidation damage.

Good for the digestive system. One whole soursop fruit contains around 83% of your recommended daily allowance of fibre, which is a vital nutrient for your digestive health.

Medicinal value. Soursop has many uses in traditional medicine, and it has been used to treat a wide range of health conditions and ailments.

How Soursop is eaten

The fruit can be eaten fresh by cutting or tearing it open to reveal an edible white pulp, some fibre and indigestible black seeds which should be thrown away. The pulp can also be used to make smoothies, fruit juice drinks and ice cream flavourings. 

I like eating my soursop whole, fresh from the tree, when it is in season. Soursop can be found in local markets in Nigeria when it is in season. However you like it, you do yourself good when you eat soursop.


Ugochukwu Ukwuegbu

Soursop fruit straight from the Annona muricata tree

Why our customers like our smoked and dried catfish

Our customers like our smoked and dried catfish because It is tasty, clean and sand free.

Our customers like our smoked and dried catfish because:

  1. It is tasty, clean and sand free.
  2. The fish remains chunky and tasty in the soup or food you cook with it even after a few days because we dry only mature catfish.
  3. Our catfish is properly dried. Because the fish is properly dried you can store it in a dry container for six weeks. You can refrigerate it too if you like.
  4. Our customers can travel abroad or to the village with the dried catfish to cook with it or give it as gift to friends and family members.
  5. We can deliver the dried fish to our customers at home or office.
  6. Our dried catfish is good value for money because food cooked with it is a tasty delight.

Thank you.

NB: Do you want to know how to place your order for properly dried catfish? Then go to:

Recipies: African delicacies you can prepare with dried catfish:

  1. How to cook ogbono soup with smoked and dried catfish
  2. How to cook banga soup (‘ofe akwu’) with smoked and dried catfish
  3. How to wash your smoked and dried catfish before cooking with it
You can order dried catfish online from Divine Fish and Gardens
You can order your dried catfish online. We deliver to Lagos.

Catfish fingerlings and juveniles prices from Divine Fish Farm hatching facility

One decision that is essential to growing catfish successfully in a farm is sourcing healthy and good breed of catfish fingerlings or juveniles.

One decision that is essential to growing catfish successfully in a farm is sourcing healthy and good breed of catfish fingerlings or juveniles. Counting from the first day of feeding catfish fries, fingerlings are 4 weeks old catfish while juveniles are 8 weeks old catfish.

Good catfish fries are hatched and nursed in a controlled environment within the right temperature, good water pH and essential nutrients.

After a successful hatching process the catfish fries look like tiny grains of sand. They can number from 10,000 – 100,000 (ten thousand to one hundred thousand). They get their initial nutrients from minerals in the water. After 2 – 3 days the catfish fries can be fed for the first time with specially formulated feed. The catfish fries need extreme care and attention because even the slightest mistake can be catastrophic and can lead to the whole set of fries being wiped out.    

At 2 weeks old the fries grow to a size we call Ijebu fingerlings (in Southwest Nigeria). At 4 weeks old, outgrower farms can buy and stock the fingerlings but they still require experienced handling to prevent mortality. Farmers who want to avoid the risks of stocking fingerlings choose to stock catfish juveniles (8 weeks old catfish) instead and grow them out.

When you buy your catfish fingerlings or juveniles through Divine Fish Farm you can be sure that you are getting a good breed of catfish for your catfish farm or ponds. When you order your catfish you can choose to come pick them up or pay to have them delivered to your location.

The prices of catfish fingerlings and juveniles are as follows:

SNQuantityFingerlings (4 weeks)Juveniles (8 weeks)
10 – 5,000 piecesN25.00 per fishN35.00 per fish
25,001 – 10,000 piecesN20.00 per fishN30.00 per fish
310,000 and aboveN15.00 per fishN25.00 per fish

Procedure to order your catfish fingerlings and juveniles

  1. The first step is to call 08077776861 to confirm the availability of fingerlings.
  2. If you want fingerlings (4 weeks old catfish) and they are available they can be packaged and shipped to you within three (3) working days after payment has been made for them.
  3. If you want juveniles (8 weeks old catfish) then you will first call to confirm for the availability of fingerlings. If fingerlings are available then you will book for them. This means you pay for them. On our part we will feed them and take good care of them till they grow to juvenile stage after 3 – 4 weeks.

Thank you.

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