We delivered eight thousand juvenile catfish to brand new farmers in Lagos and Enugu

It is interesting times of sorts as more young Nigerians in urban centres are venturing into catfish farming. At the beginning of October 2018 we delivered three thousand (3000) juveniles to a brand new catfish farmer in Lagos and in the fourth week of October 2008 we delivered five thousand (5000) juveniles to another farmer in Enugu State.

We were impressed by the boldness of these two farmers considering that there is the somewhat conventional recommendation that first time catfish farmers start with growing 1000 juveniles.

We observed that the two farmers did their research before deciding on the relatively significant juveniles stock for starts. If they follow up the due diligence they have shown so far with commitment to good catfish farming practice and if they also take good decisions along the way they will get it right first time.

In the final week of October 2018 we assisted the farmer in Lagos to sort and count their fish. At the same time, we have been receiving updates from the farmer in Enugu and they are making good progress.


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